"Adversity does not build character, it reveals it."   —  Unknown

Ellen Harris, LMHC, NCC, CEAP, SAP, writes articles for local publications in Naples. Click on the titles listed below to get to know her philosophy through her written word. 

February 2011
The Power of Positive Thinking
January 2011
Laughter is Good Medicine
December 2010
Attitude of Gratitude for the Holidays
October 2010
Caregivers Need Care, Too
September 2010
Is Fear Holding You Back?
August 2010
HALT: Good Stress Management
July 2010
Are You Hooked on Gadgets?
June 2010
Frustration is Unrealized Expectations
May 2010
Strive For Serenity
April 2010
Balance Your Life -- No Need to Struggle
March 2010
Worry -- A Cycle of Inefficient Thought
February 2010
Coping With Grief and Loss
January 2010
Make Your New Year's Resolutions Work For You
December 2009
Don't Let the Holiday Blues Ruin Your Special Time
November 2009
The Power of Support Groups -- There's No Need to Feel Alone
October 2009
Breast Cancer Awareness Month -- Dealing With the Diagnosis
September 2009
Healthy Aging — It's the Mind That Matters!
August 2009
Assertive Lifestyle — Our Image to the World
July 2009
Develop the Gift of Detachment
June 2009
Communication and Quality of Life
May 2009
Dealing With Current Stress — Out of Chaos Comes Clarity
April 2009
Midlife Brings Challenges!
March 2009
Relationship Conflict Is Inevitable!
February 2009
Relationships Are Not For Sissies!
January 2009
New Year's Resolutions — A "Set-Up" For Failure?
December 2008
Don't Get Down With the Holiday Blues!
November 2008
Is Stress Getting You Down?


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