Certified Employee Assistance Professional

As a Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP), Ellen Harris works with both employees and employers in promoting healthy and productive work environments. She is available to work with companies individually and with several national Employment Assistance Programs (EAPs).

As a Consultant, Ellen is available to:

   Assess and refer EAP Clients

   Provide short-term, solution-focused counseling for EAP Clients

   Provide Critical Incident Stress Management

   Provide education for Employees:

      • Stress Management
      • Conflict Resolution
      • Drug-Free Workplace Policies
      • Anger Management
      • Cultural Diversity
      • Excellent Customer Service

   Provide education for Employers:

      • Supervisor Training
      • Drug-free Workplace for Supervisors
      • Sexual Harassment
      • Effective Communication
      • Employee Evaluations

Contact Ellen Harrris, LMHC, NCC, CEAP, SAP to request a proposal for providing consulting services to your firm.



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