An accomplished Speaker, Ellen Harris is dynamic, enthusiastic, and entertaining. Her engaging personality and warm, southern humor provide her audiences with a light-hearted touch as she addresses serious issues of personal growth and development.

Ellen is available to speak to large and small groups alike, and tailors her topic to meet the individual needs of the group. She has presented to women’s groups, Rotary Clubs and church groups, as well as businesses such as banks, fire-fighter groups, and county government.

          Topics of Ellen’s Lectures and Workshops include:

  • Assertive Lifestyle – “Learn to Row your own Boat”
  • Excellent Communication – “Did you Hear what I Think I Said?”
  • The Mind-Body Connection – “Creating a Healthy Lifestyle”
  • Making Choices – “Coping with Change in a Busy World”
  • Balancing Work and Life – “Strategies for a Well-balanced Life”
  • Stress Management – “How to Cope Under Duress”
  • Having Healthy Relationships – “Can’t We All Just Get Along?”


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